About - PowerThinking Corp
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PowerThinking is the practice of rejuvenating our amazing mind. No matter where we may live in the world, we each have an uncanny ability to bounce back from job loss, shift from salaried employee to successful home based business owner, or even a better partner, or parent.

Both public and private sector organizations around the world are beginning to understand the importance of developing resilience skills among members of the human race. Resilient people are generally more open to change, and able to quickly bounce back from setbacks. They are more collaborative and far more productive than their counterparts.

Stanley H. Greene, President of PowerThinking Corp, has spent over 25 years leading and changing organizations in both the public and private sectors by focusing on changing the thinking of each member of the respective teams. He has led companies in the cable TV, cable programming, Internet and synthetic turf industries. Most recently, he served as a Deputy Treasurer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Greene’s effectiveness in resilience training has now grown globally, as he has successfully conducted training in both China and Japan, the second and third ranked economic powers in the world, respectively.