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Resilience Skill #3-Detecting Icebergs-May 27-2020-7:30am  

Stanley Greene

On our Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 7:30am to 8am session, we discussed Resilience Skill #3, Detecting Icebergs. Click the link below to watch the 5.5 minute video:

Detecting Icebergs Video

Following is a recording of the phone conference where many of the 50 participants discussed the video:

Discussion on Detecting Icebergs

Posted : May 31, 2020 3:09 AM

This video on Detecting Icebergs and our discussion that followed was a great reminder for me to exercise the Inner Strengths of Impulse Control, finding out the root cause of the situation or problem at hand (Causal Analysis), and to remain Optimistic about the outcome, helping me avoid the Thinking Traps of Mind Reading and Jumping to Conclusions. In terms of other Skills of Resilience I Put Things in Proper Perspective and remained Calm and Focused (within) while figuring out the matter at hand. Also Challenged some of my beliefs. I was immediately able to apply these to both a business situation and a personal situation this week.

I truly appreciate how PowerThinking continually assists in MY PowerThinking, with positive outcomes from week-to-week. I am able, nine times out of ten to apply the weekly video (or guest interview) and the group discussion to an active situation or problem in my business and/or personal life. It's quite impressive to see how much this community has grown since I started over a year ago. I hear first-hand how others are applying these Resilience Skills and Strengths and able to see measurable achievements, improvements in relationships, how they feel about themselves, and more. I can relate to much of what is shared because they have worked and are working for me.

I hope this Community Forum becomes an active place for many, where challenges are shared and addressed, and can be another source of encouragement, finding what we can apply for success, growth, or whatever positive outcome we seek.

Thank you for including each week's video and call. It's helpful to refer back to -reinforces AND often allows me to pick up on things I missed the first time around! 

Many thanks for PowerThinking Stanley!!

Posted : June 2, 2020 8:09 PM

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